lower antelope canyon

for memorial day, morgan and i took a long road trip. four states in four days. after spending a night in vegas, and then another night in zion np, morgan and i drove another two hours to page, az. the reason? antelope canyon. it's gorgeous, scary (hello flash floods) and, if you're looking to take photos, requires A LOT of luck. when we first got into the canyon, it was beyond crowded...like radiator springs racers crowded. luckily, we were able to find a pocket between two tour groups and we were able to get some pretty empty shots. 

the madonna inn

Morgan and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary at the Madonna Inn last weekend! If you know me at all, you probably weren't surprised that we stayed in one of the all pink suites. The weekend was filled with champagne cake, secluded infinity pools, and pink everything. Here are a few of my favorite shots. 

Ready. Set. Geronimo!


 Anyone who knows me can tell you that I'm a sucker for Geronimo balloons.  They get me every time!  To kick off my birthday weekend, Morgan surprised me with a visit from Jihan and this sherbet colored beauty.  Not wanting to leave the party behind, Morgan and I decided to make it the third wheel on our mini birthday getaway up to Big Sur.  While on the drive up, we found out what happens when you combine a Geronimo balloon with a newly thrifted birthday dress - an awesome beach photo shoot!  We stopped in Grover Beach to snap a few photos, have some fun,  and cause a small scene. 


Disney Typography


This weekend, I went on a photo walk in the Happiest Place On Earth - Disneyland!  Wanting to stick to a certain theme, I decided to document the different type faces in California Adventure and Disneyland.  It was particularly fun in Disneyland because of the the different themed lands and it's 50 years of typography history.  I had Morgan try to match the letters to their specific attractions and, surprisingly, he got most of them.  How many can you identify?    



A Holiday that celebrates love can never be wrong.  Whether you are single and fabulous (and not the a Carrie Bradshaw ambiguous way)  or spoken for, telling those close to you how much you love them will always be okay in my book.  The morning of, I surprised Morgan with a homemade breakfast consisting of heart shaped eggs, strawberry topped waffles and candied bacon.  That night, we ended up watching Warm Bodies at the Arclight in Hollywood.   A lot of other couples I talked to this year had decided to keep it low-key and stay home, cook, and enjoy a bottle (or two) of wine!  Sounds perfect to me!

Big Things Are Coming

Do you ever wish that there were more hours in the day?  I sure do.  Can you imagine the things that  we could accomplished in all that extra time?  More hours would equal more productivity and a chance to do the things we really like.  I know I've been a stranger to blogging lately, I promise though that big things are coming and change is a paw..i mean afoot. (hint hint) I just need to find make the time!

Loving Spree

Happy Friday everyone! I'm back stateside and I can't wait to share all my photos from the Philippines! But first, to get back into the swing of things,  I wanted to share a video that Morgan and I shot for our friend Jihan.  Last month, she celebrated her first year of living in Los Angeles and took a group of us to some of her absolute favorite spots around the city.  Did I mention that there were sparklers and pie involved?

And I'm off! From LAX, it's a twelve hour flight to Japan and then another five hours from Japan to Manila.  I get a little nervous on flights but I have my Xanax and the last two Hunger Games on audio books so I think i'll be okay. Also, my friend Yumi just informed me that the booze might be free on All Nippon Airways so that's a plus.  Winkeland will be going on a two week hiatus but I will be instagraming the heck out out of my adventures here! Tootles!

The Other Half

Have any of you ever traveled without your significant other? I'll be gone for two weeks and I'm kind of scared to leave Morgan here alone.  The last time he was left to his own devices, he ended up having video game marathons where shaving, showering and eating healthy literally became nonexistent.  Before my flight tomorrow, I'm trying to make sure the house is clean and the fridge is stocked with easy microwavable foods and snacks.  That way, he'll be all set in my absence!

A Mini Army

You're pretty much looking at my arsenal of cameras for the Philippines. Actually, for the past couple of weeks,  deciding on which cameras to pack and which to leave behind has become the million dollar question here at the Finley apartment.  Should I bring my Canon SLR? Should I not? Also, the only lens we have right now for the Canon is a 50mm which is great for shooting portraits but not so great for shooting landscapes. When I started thinking about possibly borrowing/renting lenses,  it turned into this BIG thing!  Then I started thinking about getting one of those Nikon point and shoot cameras with the interchangeable lenses (regrettably the one that Ashton Kutcher endorses)  but that would have run around $1,000 so that was a no-brainer.  It also came down to whether or not I wanted a hassle-free trip. With these little guys, I won't have to deal with the size of an SLR and it's heightened security precautions and I would have the freedom to travel more light and efficient.  Heck, I can even take 8mm video with my iPhone thanks to this little app!

Wreather Madness

 I'm still not sure how, amidst everything that has been going on this month, I was able to throw in some sweet craft time. Between Ban.do, FIDM, Musicians Institute, and working weekends with Sweet Emilia Jane, you would think that all I would want to do on my downtime would be to sleep....Nope.  I'm proud to introduce a few more additions to my wreath line.  I'm also really excited because I think I may have found a booth buddy for this years Holiday Renegade Craft Fair!